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3 Secrets to Keep your Wall Looking Fresh and Newly-Painted

You either have a vibrant or light color combo on your walls. But is the dust really in your control. Those bazillion dust particles settle on your walls to form dirt. Well that was a quite basic mechanism but the reality is even worse. Frankly, nobody is willing to get into how and where that dirt came from. All they have in the end is a frustration when they find their beautifully designed walls turning dusty and dirty. So let’s discover how you can get rid of those and keep your walls look fresh as if they are newly painted. So let’s dig in;

Regular Dusting is the Key

For obvious reasons, cobwebs, dirt and dust shorten the life of your paint on the wall. Microfiber cloth can be a good friend in that case, Just keep in mind that old grandma tip, tie the microfiber cloth on the broom stick and give it a good ride through your wall. The best part, you don’t even need to take down any hanging frames & pictures or move furniture in order to clean it. Mostly, the covered areas don’t get dirty so just try to clean the areas that are visible to you. And since you are using the grandma trick, it would be easier for you to reach the ceiling.

Kitchen and Bath Walls

When it comes to kitchens and bathroom, there must be a plenty of cooking residue and steamy shower gathered on the painted areas of the bathroom and kitchen walls. All you need to do is just grab the natural sponge and start with the bottom. You simply have to use the soap and water solution in order to wash and rinse that areas. As per the House cleaning services Dubai, make sure that you rub gently that will allow you to overlap the area that you have already cleaned. Once you are done, you will need to dry the wall with an old towel. How about wood work? Don’t forget to wash them as well.

Make your Own Soap for Wall-washing

Believe it or not, the homemade stuff does a great job. Perhaps that’s the reason as to why the DIY industry is doing really great these days. Since the homemade mixture have gone really popular especially the ones used to clean the painted walls, you must try one for your home as well. You know why these mixtures are so loved and preferred by the homeowners and House cleaning services Dubai? It’s because they are amazingly inexpensive, easy to prepare and simply as good as the commercial cleaning solutions. So here are the cleaning perks for you;

Mixture # 1

Grab the 1 Gallon of Warm Water. Mix 2 tbsp. of dishwashing liquid and 1 cup borax into and viola the effective cleaning mixture is ready. If you have noticed before, the borax is one of the most essential ingredients of the commercial cleaning products.

Mixture # 2

Get 1 Gallon of Water. Add 1 tsp of dishwashing liquid and 1 cup ammonia into it. There you go, here’s another cleaning solution for you.


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