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3 Tips to Make your Car Tyre Look Nice

For sure, tyres are most essential parts of any car but sadly these are often neglected by the car owners. But believe it or not, it’s important to keep you tires maintained otherwise you might end up paying more than you spend earlier to buy them. It’s not only about bearing tons of expenses but there you happen to face a huge inconvenience. For instance; if you are going to some important meeting and your car tyre get blown due to lack of maintenance, you were surely driving no less than a potentially dangerous vehicle.

If you want your car tyre to do great in the long run, you should then keep it keep it clean and maintain regularly. Many car owner having great car tyre deals, who prefer to clean their cars as well as tyres themselves, they don’t really have a good idea of how to do that. Just splashing on a water shower is not enough, there is an appropriate and effective way to do that. So let’s dig in now;

Separate the Bucket

It’s important to have a separate bucket of detergent. Please don’t use the one that you used to clean the rest of your car. The detergent bucket for the tire cleaning should be separate. The same thing will go with the brush and cloth. Obviously, you will need to scrub and rub your tires well in order to get the dirt of them. And it’s not just the dirt but grease as well. If you use the same brush on the rest of the car that you used on the tires, it would definitely affect the paint and that definitely is a huge expense you are up to. So just beware.

Cleaning Product

Tyre Cleaning Product are simply amazing. But can you use them whenever you are in a mood to clean your car tyre? Not really. There is a proper procedure you need to follow if you want to ensure the best cleaning result. According to the experts, any tire cleaning product should be used after you have cleaned the tire properly using water and detergent. No doubt, these cleaners are really amazing and effective.

They actually help on removing stubborn dirt and grease from the wheels as well as tires. Every cleaning product must not be used the same way. There is an instruction manual in almost every tire cleaning product that how it should actually be use. You simply need to follow those instructions if you want to ensure the best results.

Scrubbing is Must

Yes it is. If you are dealing with tire, don’t perceive that the gentle rubbing would be enough. Since the tire is the only part of your vehicle in direct contact with the road, you cannot take sany chances with it cleaning. In fact, there is a bunch of stubborn dirt, grime and grease collected on the tires. Moreover, tires have to undergo many driving situations, like driving on the mud, puddles, pebbles and many other not-so-kind surfaces. Frankly, if the tires where humans they would have cried after every drive as they have been through so much.

Coming to the point, make sure you scrub well. There is a better sequence you must follow. Simply scrub the tires, and simply move to the other one without rinsing it. First, finely scrub all four tires with detergent and then rinse them all at once.


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