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5 Accessories to gift your sister this Diwali

Whatever my sister owns, it’s also mine. Remember the last time you borrowed something from your sister and didn’t return it!? Be it cute little dresses or shoes or even bags or make-up, we all grew up sharing everything with our sisters. That’s how sisters share their relationship by sharing their stuff. Nobody understands us like our sisters do. She is a partner in crime and you always need her to shop with, to pay your bills, to support you, to gossip with and of course to fight with. So, why not you tell them this diwali that how much they mean for you and how much you love them. This Diwali, gift something to your sister as a token of love and highten your bond with her. You can find online pendants or rings or any other accessory as prettier as your sister.

Following are the perfect gift ideas for your sister this Diwali:

  1. Women Bracelets

online pendantsBelieve it or not, jewellery makes us blush like no man in this world can! Bangles might be difficult to carry at every occasion and hence, bracelets happened. Bracelets are very precious for women, especially when they are gifted. Women bracelets are easy to carry and compliment a woman’s personality. Be it golden or silver, they will go perfect with every outfit.


  1. Necklace 

Whether it’s ethnic or western, pearl or gold plated, necklace is a must have accessory in every girl’s collection. With a wide range of necklaces availble online, you can easily gift your sister a necklace or a jewellery combo as it contains multiple jewellery sets which won’t burn a hole in your pocket as well.


  1. Pendants

online pendants

Even if your sister is very simple and finds it difficult to carry heavy jewelries, gifting her a simple pendant on the name of religion seems like a great idea. You can easily get online pendants of Lord Ganesha (or any other God) and gift it to her.




  1. Studs

online pendants

Give your sister an amazing feel of those dainty fancy studs. Studs look cool on every body type and goes well with both opulent ethnic and western style wear. They are a much needed pair of earrings one can invest in without any doubt. You can find these earrings in muticolour and gift them to your sister to enhance the appeal of her outfits.


  1. Rings

online pendants

In case your sister is pretty stylish who loves to give a touch of glamour to her looks, you can plan to gift her a simple yet elegant ring. You can opt for a single sparkling big stone ring which will make her realise how important she is for you.

We all wait for the festivals to spend time with our families and create some unforgettable lifelong memories to cherish all our lives. Here, we have assorted some exquisitely crafted precious jewellery as precious as your sister are. You can easily order the gifts online from IndiaRush and make this Diwali memorable for both of you. You can’t thank her enough to be there for you, but you can definitely appreciate her presence with these gifts!

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