5 best SEO practices to increase sales

As eCommerce business or store completely relies search queries and organic traffic for sales, 44% of shoppers begin with search engine. That’s why SEO for eCommerce makes a site easy to crawl, show keywords which are important to be ranked and show authority through backlinks and content.

Let us look at some points for the best SEO practices to rank your site higher in search results and enhancing sales.

  1. Using unique title tags for product page:

 One mistake which every large eCommerce development commits is duplicate title tags. For product which are from the same manufacturer, to make unique title tags can be a difficult task as some keywords might be repeated. The effective solution to avoid this is using unique key phrases instead of keywords.

Shoppers always write phrases instead of just keywords. For instance: instead of writing ‘nike shoes’ , users will write ‘nike sport shoes for men’. The former were keywords and latter was keyword phrase. There, optimizing your product pages with these phrases allow you to rank easily.

To have the maximised and efficient use of title tags, it is advised to keep the length of title tag under 70 characters. You should see that you place the key phrase at the beginning of your title tag as search engines give more importance on the first key phrases.

  1. Permanently redirect product expired URLs:

A permanent 301 redirect is used for redirecting a page to a detour page. A detour page is the new page where all the old content of your old page has been transferred and it seems as if it’s the same old page. This is very important SEO as it allows you to inform search engines regarding where you have moved your old content. With this redirect, the qualities like page rank, page authority, traffic value etc have been moved to new page or detour page.

When you fail to redirect a page for expired products, a moved content or change in linking structures, in this case search engine will find 404 not found page which leads to loss of traffic, ranking and link juice.

The best SEO practice will be to redirect the expired products’ URL to a similar product page. This will make your site attract visitors and enhance users’ experience. It will also help you retain most of the link equity.

  1. Tweak and optimize category pages with keywords:

Category pages are always more important than individual pages and posts. These pages are the first one to be visible on search engine results. So optimization of these pages should be taken in priority than product page.

For instance: If an eCommerce store which just sells luxury watches should not carry out optimization of each product page for the same product. Otherwise they will all compete for the keyword ‘ luxury watches’.

Instead, optimization of every product page should be done and linking of them should be done to ‘luxury watches’. This way the category page will rank for ‘luxury watches’ and product pages can be ranked for more specific and detailed terms.

  1. Mobile friendly with a twist:

 Google these days have started to index mobile version of websites and webpages when available, to examine mobile pages with respect to ranking signals to decide the ranking of a site in both desktop and mobile search results.

The development of mobile site means the content, speed of pages, meta tags etc. as compared to the desktop version, will now be used to determine the ranking of your site on google search engine.

  1. Implement Schema markup to add rich snippets to product pages:

 Snippets increases visibility of your products on your store, provides more details for customers to click through SERP and drive revenue ultimately.

Common rich snippets include reviews, softwares, events and recipes. However, snippets do not increase ranking in SERPs, but help search engine crawlers to understand your content and display comprehensive information in SERPs.

So above discussed points are considered to be most important out of many SEO points to be considered for sales of your products on your eCommerce store. If you consider these points, you will see the results definitely.


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