Avail The Best Services For Cheque Bounce Attorney Issues in Delhi

Avail The Best Services For Cheque Bounce Attorney Issues in Delhi

Have you ever thought that what will you do when the payment, you got for your hard work, in the form of a cheque get a bounce? We all know that the cheque bounce is a very common act of offence.  Every day there are about 100 cases of cheque bounces in Delhi. So here we are to help you with this problem. There are many cheque bounce attorney in Delhi and the national capital region but for finding the perfect lawyer for your particular case is what in which you need assistance.

Only the best lawyer for the cheque bounce will tell you the right proceedings to handle the case in a fluent manner. To go smoothly with the flow of the case, at first you must be fully familiar with the reason that why your cheque got bounced. There can be many reasons, some of which are given below: –

  • Signature on the cheque may not match.
  • Something extra might be written which is of no use
  • Insufficient funds in the account
  • Cheque might be expired.

These are some of the common reasons for the dishonour of a cheque. Nowadays people think that the cheque gets bounce due to a mistake, but one never knows that if it’s a mistake or what. India legal system has many laws to deal with the cheque bounces. There is a special act which deals with the dishonour of a cheque. The Negotiable Instruments Act, 1881 has been amended too many times to cope up with the general public. According to the Section 138, of the above-mentioned act, the cheque bounce is an offensive, criminal and punishable act and one might get the imprisonment of about 6 months to 2 years. Cheque bounce attorney will hopefully guide you better in any case than anybody else.

If you will find the cheque bounce attorney in Delhi, then he will tell you about the all legal activities in detail which you will have to do. If you want to have the value of your money, then he will be the fittest person to do your work. You will be needed to send the legal notice to the drawer of the cheque. The notice will demand the amount of the cheque. If you don’t get any answer, or your demand notice gets rejected, then you can file a complaint or take a legal action against the drawer. It will be beneficial to consult the cheque bounce attorney before sending the demand notice, He will surely tell you a better way to do this as fast as possible.

If you want to draft a complaint against the drawer the cheque, you must be known to the limits, some of which are given below.

  • From where the cheque was drawn
  • Which bank returned the cheque
  • When you send the demand draft

So, now we would like to conclude this article with the advice that it’s far better to find the best cheque bounce attorney than to do all this legal work on your own. A professional lawyer will help you to decrease the time of the proceedings.

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