Weight loss surgery cost in India

Cost For Getting A Bariatric Surgery In India

Bariatric surgeries are on the rise due to increased problems of obesity. As a society, it is important for people to understand the importance of bariatric surgery. There are several methods to go through weight loss surgeries which require different surgical procedures. All the surgeries include the alimentary system, which controls the responses to food intake. One of the methods of bariatric surgery includes duodenal switching. It has the potential to have increased weight loss after completion of surgery.

Procedure of duodenal switching surgery

Gastroenterologists control procedure of duodenal switching and the people with BMI above 40 are prescribed to undergo the surgery. The process of duodenal switching is done by following a surgical procedure.

  1. A large part of the stomach, about 70% is removed and the remaining part is connected to the upper portion of the duodenum. The appetite is controlled with the remaining stomach.
  2. The small intestine is re-routed and alimentary tracts and biliopancreatic limb are connected forming a common tract. The common channel forms a very small portion, for which absorption of food is decreased.

Every patient gets a notable amount of weight reduction in the next five years. The hunger is reduced due to a feeling of fullness from the remaining part of the stomach. Bariatric weight loss surgery cost in India is a normal amount, favorable for people to take up the surgery.

Post-surgery measures for patients

Duodenal switching is a major surgery where the body takes time to get into previous condition. There are certain things to keep in mind after surgery.

  1. A patient must stay away from sugar supplements and carbonated beverages.
  2. The intake of enough protein content is very necessary and various protein drinks are prescribed for the first 30 days since it requires liquified protein diet and the stomach that is made small surgically takes time to digest solidified protein intake.
  3. Water intake should be done at regular intervals because it is very easy to get dehydrated. Patients should consume more of cold refrigerated water.
  4. After surgery, patients need to walk to get back to a fit and healthy condition. Increasing the distance of walking every day is the perfect way to balance physical work.

Recovery from surgical procedures is made simpler and the patient can get back to previous ways of life easily.

Cost of duodenal switching surgery

Duodenal switching is one of the simple procedures of bariatric surgery. Weight loss surgery cost in India is quite favorable which makes the process very easily chosen for curbing down problems of obesity. Therefore, it is easy to have a duodenal switch surgery as a procedure of weight loss.


Duodenal switching is a weight loss surgery which is prominent and shows its effect after the recovery period of surgery starts. With time due to the decreased absorption of food in the intestine, the weight of the patient decreases. This method of bariatric surgery is worth the cost and is hugely effective on people.

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