Bone Marrow Transplant- The Complete Guide to the Procedure

Bone Marrow Transplant- The Complete Guide to the Procedure

Understanding the meaning of bone marrow

Bone marrow is simply a soft and spongy tissue present in the bones which helps in formation of blood forming cells. These cells usually turn into

  • White blood cells which help to fight various infections
  • Red blood cells which help to carry forward the oxygen throughout the body
  • Blood platelets which helps in controlling bleeding

This bone marrow is also found in blood stream and umbilical cord blood.

Importance of bone marrow and stem cells

 Bone marrow is responsible for making blood cells. It is a soft and spongy tissue containing hematopoietic stem cells. These cells can turn into any type of blood cells or bone marrow cells. Often some types of cancer or diseases prevent the proper development of these hematopoietic cells. When these cells are abnormal the cells they further make will also be abnormal. With a stem cell transplant new cells can be formed. And these new cells can further produce healthy cells. This surgery saves lives of people from deadly diseases like cancer and all.

Things to consider before bone marrow transplant

Before undergoing bone marrow transplant you should consider a few things

  • It may affect your fertility. Treatments like chemotherapy and radiations lower the chances of having children in future. It is not necessary that that all patients become infertile but chances are reduced.
  • Make a living will when considering a bone marrow transplant. A living will has usually 2 parts
  • This part will include what kind of care and attention you will want and what all things you will not want post transplant.
  • In this step you can choose a person who will take medical decisions on your behalf after the completion of procedure

Also before starting the process doctor will ask your medical history and do physical examination. Many tests will be done prior to treatment. 2 tubes will be inserted in the blood vessels in the neck or arm region. Fluids and nutrition can be supplied through these tubes.

Even you will be told about the emotional stress that you will have to undergo during the whole procedure. A session with counsellor is also required prior to procedure. It is also necessary that your family and friends know about the procedure.

Why bone marrow transplant is done?

This transplant replaces the improper working bone marrow by chemotherapy and radiation. In case of cancer the white blood cells of donor can attack the left over cancer cells. A bone marrow transplant is recommended in case of

  • Cancers like leukaemia, lymphoma and multiple myeloma
  • Diseases that hamper the production of bone marrow cells like aplastic anaemia, sickle cell anaemia and thalassemia

It becomes necessary that people undergo this procedure to save themselves from the deadly disease.

best Bone Marrow Transplant surgery india based can be done in metro cities in India. You need to prepare yourself emotionally and mentally before the procedure.

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