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Choose the helmet wisely meeting the riding needs

The helmet is the first important thing and a life-saving accessory whenever biking to a distance. But being part of the uniform while riding the bike, it does not get the required respect as it needs because of the functions it performs. Thus, being a fashion accessory for some people, it always tries to flatter the audience. Hence, a helmet must not be treated as the only fashion accessory while riding but the most important necessity to save the head from any injuries.

Types of helmets- The helmets come in a variety in the market meeting the different needs. The different types of helmets are discussed below-

  • Full-face helmets- The helmet intended for motorcycling is the full-face helmet. It covers the entire head starting from the base of the skull to the chin. These types of helmets have an open cutout starting from the eyes to the nose. The steel bird air helmet visor is generally made of the clear, tinted or transparent face shield, which easily swivels up to down to make the face visible. The main feature of these types of helmets is the protectiveness. The full-face helmets also have vents to increase the airflow to the rider.
  • Flip-up helmets- A combination of full-face and open-face helmets used for street use is the convertible or flip-flop helmets. The chin bar in such helmets have the flip-flops to move it upwards through a lever and allowing access to most of the face. It is beneficial for the rider to eat, drink or to have conversation without removing the helmet. This movable chin option is actually not useful at all while riding the bike. Such helmets are mostly used by people wearing glasses so that it can easily fit inside the helmet without causing any inconvenience.
  • Motocross helmets-The motocross are also called off-road helmets. They have clearly elongated chin and visor portions wherethe partially open face gives the rider extra protection while wearing goggles and allows the unhindered flow of air during the physical exertion typical of this type of riding. The utmost benefit of the visor is, it allows the rider to dip his or her head providing further protection from flying debris and dust during off road riding. It serves the purpose of a shieldto the wearer’s eyes from the sunlight.
  • Half-helmet- The helmets being most popular amongst the rockers and the road racers are the half helmets. These are open-faced without any lower reared, such as the shape of a bowl.

In order to avoid any sort of skull fractures while riding, it is very important to have the high quality, standard helmet that meet the entire safety standards. One must buy helmet that have passed the quality check like the steelbird adonis helmet visor that are quality tested. Look for light weight, durable and comfortable strap helmets and not by the helmets by personality. The personality is not important but wearing a helmet is- as head injuries can be complicated and dangerous too.

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