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How to Choose the Right Software for Online Examination

Online examination software is instrumental in decision making, placement, recruitment and grading for some institutions and for some people online examination software is needed for funding. Online examination software reduces lot of work like selecting the questions, hiring invigilators and examiners, evaluating answer scripts and declaring results manually.

Online examinations are replacing traditional examination approach gradually. Web based examinations are conducted through internet or intranet. There are several types of online exam software useful for organisations engaged in education or employment. These are useful to simplify the examination process.

To pick the best software for conducting online examination depends upon budget and convenience of particular organisations in addition to the requirements of the institutions or corporate companies. The online exam software should be easily accessible and familiar basically. It should be easily accessible to the candidate and examiner and should resemble real time examination.

It should be familiar to professors and clearly accessible to the students with clear instructions. The students should have easy access to different types of questions like true or false statements, multiple choice questions etc. In concern with recruiters to save time and logistics, if they want to use their own questions, the software should support upload of excel files of question papers prepared by the recruitment team. Participants should also easily access the examination from login page to answering the questions and finishing the test. The session should not expire in the middle. The paper setters should be able to set the questions with ease and participants should access the answer page without any mess.

It should be scalable and guarantee up time which is the preferable option for on campus recruiters and HR managers. This is the basic need of recruitment companies. The test software should reduce the need for invigilator. It should have anti cheating features and should block print screen or copy paste actions. Each and every move of the participant should be recorded by the examination software to prevent cheating.

Alerts of repetitions and blockage of illegible phrases and words will be the additional accomplishments provided by the ideal online test software so that the participant should be able to correct himself of common mistakes he made during a mock test and prevent hassles of the examiner to go through lots of illegible phrases while evaluating the answer scripts.

Automatic calculation of scores increases accuracy in validation when compared to manual calculation and evaluation. Ideal online examination software should support automatic calculation of marks which reduces the need for examiner and invigilator and thus saves the money of the recruiters. The ideal examination software should be easily integrated with information system and learning management system in order to prepare the question paper and assess the answer scripts. A good software should provide excellent technical back end and technical and operational support. This software should be efficient in handling issues like bug fixing. The automated online exam software should provide a free trial version for a limited time period to make the software familiar to new users.

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