How to clean your laptop safely

How to clean your laptop safely?

Most of us are accustomed of taking a long pause on the question; when was the last time you cleaned your laptop! This is so far the simplest task of taking care of the crucial computing hardware yet most ignored. So let’s have a look at how to clean a laptop safely!

Parts you need to clean

Let’s divide laptop into different parts so that cleaning would be easier. Go for;

  • The case
  • LCD/LED screen
  • Keyboard and touchpad
  • Ports and,
  • Cooling vents

For deep cleaning treatment, open the laptop to expose internal components and give them a wind blast with a blower. Wipe what remains of the dust with a clean and smooth cloth and be sure cleaning the cooling system that is the fan and the heat sink. If you aren’t comfortable opening the device, better take it to the expert.

This will prevent the overheating of the device which is a common problem as well as relevant symptoms such as frequent software hang-up or issues while shutting down. Always refer to the instruction manual of your laptop so as to get done with cleaning the right ways that is, without compromising hardware and software performance.

Cleaning materials

The following materials or products would help you clean the laptop in best and safest possible way;

  • Isopropyl Alcohol

The chemical is easily available at various drugstores and supermarkets. Isopropyl Alcohol evaporates quickly without leaving any residue and safe to use on electronic equipment including LCD/LED display screens. It must be noted that ammonia, water and household window/glass cleaners must be totally avoided. Water would only leave mineral deposits and streaks therefore not good for cleaning electronics.

  • Compressed Air

A can of compressed air; aerosol is also a good cleaner for many electronic items including laptop. You can easily find one at different stores.

  • Lint-free cloth

This is the type of cloth you use for cleaning eyeglasses so here’s another good use. Bring in a lint-free cloth which is 100-percent pure cotton and soft to the touch to wipe clean a laptop. Don’t use paper towels, tissue papers or any other scratchy/abrasive cloth.

Cleaning preparation

Shut down the laptop and unplug it if connected to the charging socket. Not necessary but removing the battery is better before giving it a cleaning treatment. Make a solution with equal quantity of alcohol and water, dab a lint-free cleaning cloth and wipe the device. Never spray anything directly on the electronic devices; always use a cloth.

  • Casing

Use the damp cloth and wipe exterior of the laptop to give it a brand-new look. Open the lid and treat the areas around the keypad and touch bar.

  • LCD Screen

You may clean the display screen using the same damp cloth or take a new one. Never spray anything directly and clean in uniform circular motion or clean from left to right, top to bottom.

  • Key & touchpad

Blow air from the aerosol to remove dirt, dust, crumbs and other debris that maybe stuck in between the keys. You can also shake the laptop to loose debris but it may damage internal components.


Provided above are a few safe solutions on how to clean a laptop.

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