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Easy Snack Items for Parties

Christmas is just a month away and everyone is busy preparing for the party. Winter is here and it is the best weather around to party and enjoy.

Arranging for a Christmas party at home is fun. One can arrange it at the rooftop or in the garden (if they have one in their house). One can also go for indoor parties if it is an evening party and think it will be too much of cold outside. Having a Christmas tree in the party is a must though. You can decorate it well with balls and stars and some false snowflakes. You can also keep some small gift packs at the bottom of the tree for the children if it is a family party.

You can also zero down into some amazing food items that will make your guests very happy. Ordering foods from restaurants is a very common thing that everyone does. How about making food on your own? Or you can do one thing. You can order the main dishes from outside but prepare the starters at home. Some authentic Indian starters can be very nice on a winter evening. Short eats are the most important things in the party. They really set up the mood. You have to go for some snack items that go really well with the drinks. Here are some popular South Indian snack ideas which you can always try serving at any party. Go ahead with some of them for your Christmas party.


This is a South Indian snack which is a very popular one in the household. They are crunchy and a bit spicy as well and it goes very well as a starter. This is also a bit popular among the children.


This one is fresh from the streets of Andhra Pradesh and one has to make them with dosa or idli batters. You have to add some idli mixture, coriander leaves, yogurt and onions to make a thick batter out of it. Then you make pieces from then and fry it golden. Serve them with some hot and tangy chutney to make it an instant hit in the party.

Stuffed Idlis

If you want to serve something light in the party, you can always go for Idlis. They are light in the stomach and good for digestion as well. You can also serve some sambar with them. If you want to know how to make sambar in Tamil, you can take help from the cook books.

Chicken 65 Kerala Style

This one is a fiery chicken dish and not for those who hate spicy food. Curry leaves and chilli powder are used on cubed meat pieces and they are bread coated before frying deep and golden.


This one goes very well with tea or coffee. Here, boiled potatoes are mashed with coriander leaves, lemon juice and chillies and then they are deep fried. Serve them with green chutney.

In dessert, a Christmas fruit cake is a must to be served.


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