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Guide to Good Scores in International Baccalaureate

International Baccalaureate (IB) is an international educational program which enriches kids aged between 3 years to 19 years with knowledge and builds a sense of curiosity, creativity and open mindedness among these young, impressionable learners. These are three basic things you should know about IB quickly –

  1. Students are offered the freedom to choose from 7 different subjects and most of them are split into a standard level (SL) and a higher lever (HL) course. The two courses are differentiated from one another by their recommended teaching hours during which students are taught the subject by specially trained tuition teachers for IB. One is required to choose a total of six subjects – three from the SL and three from the HL course.
  2. A student is score on a scale of 7 for each subject, one 1 being the lowest and 7 being the highest. There is a minimum cut of mark for each subject that a student must score to achieve the diploma.
  3. There are three core elements of the program which every student must participate and complete to get the degree. They are –
  • Theory of knowledge (TOK), in which students reflect on the nature of knowledge and develop their critical thinking.
  • Extended Essay (EE), in which a student is required to research on a topic and write a mini research paper of 4000 words. They students are given the option to choose their own topic to encourage the idea of thinking outside the box
  • Creativity, activity, service (CAS), in which the students are required to take up projects which focuses on these three elements.

5 Essential Tips

  1. Plan a Routine

An effective study strategy is an essential to get through this rigorous program. To help you organize better use a calendar app or planner to build yourself a study routine. Allot time to each subject in a way that you can balance your time across all your chosen subjects.

  1. Division of labor

Smart work instead of hard work is the motto to conquer this program easily. Study in sections. While writing such huge essays make it a habit to write down a first, second and final draft; to not only make your job easy but also for rectifying your errors.

  1. Stay ahead

Keep your study material ready and refrain from trying to get your hands on them just before the exam season. Keep your notes updated and make a habit of revising them throughout the entire year so the knowledge seeps into every crevice of your brain.

  1. Stay on track

The IB outlines its syllabus very efficiently and one look at it will tell you what you need to know exactly for your exams. Stay true to your syllabus and focus on only the important areas. Choose books and study materials that are precise instead of the ones that keep on blabbering and waste your time ultimately.

  1. Take help

It is essential that you address any issue regarding the understanding of a subject immediately. Take help from teachers, or online classes or friend and even youtube lectures to have better understanding. You can even get yourself enrolled into classes for extra help. You can find IB chemistry tutors in Gurgaon, India along with other subjects who will provide you with extra help for better scores.

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