Gym Bangarang – an Inclusive Gym which Combines Muay Thai Boot camps and Modern Fitness Regime with a Verdure, Idyllic Backdrop

Gym Bangarang – An Inclusive Gym which Combines Muay Thai Boot camps and Modern Fitness Regime with a Verdure, Idyllic Backdrop

How many gyms are located in peaceful and green surroundings of hills and rice fields? Filling up such a rustic setting with top notch fitness training is Gym Bangarang, located at the paddy fields of Chiang Mai. As a gym created with a combination of martial arts and conventional fitness workout, Gym Bangarang is in a league of its own.

Gym Bangarang was founded in 2014. It boasts of the reputation of being outstanding – as the only gym in Chiang Mai that offers Muay Thai training in the form of boot camps. Distractions free as Gym Bangarang is situated in Mae Rim, some 25 kilometers from the city, Gym Bangarang allows for clients’ concentration in the various fitness programs clients can choose from. The well built Muay Thai trainers employed by Gym Bangarang are certified. They are also friendly, driven and disciplined.

It’s entirely up to the customers, what they want to do at Gym Bangarang – to lose weight, stock up on fitness, own the Muay Thai fighting moves or have a laidback vacation of novelty. Customers need not worry of being cut off from the city as the nearest town is just 25 minutes away from Gym Bangarang with transport available. Staff that is fluent in English, Thai and Cantonese makes communication easy and there are highly functioning customer services that fulfill whatever the customers may need. Totally professional at what they do, the customers of Gym Bangarang are promised to receive only the best care, immaterial their agenda or whether they are staying in the facility or just drop by and leave.

The owner and trainer of Gym Bangarang, Chris and Nicky are always around the resort – in fact, they live there. So, there is always someone who can extend any extra assistance to the guests staying at Gym Bangarang. With on site villas that are fully functional and utmost comfort and convenience provided, Gym Bangarang strives to give its customers the best facilities so that they can focus on getting in shape while Gym Bangarang’s staff takes care of everything else, putting customers at ease.

For Gym Bangarang, customer satisfaction is paramount. Hence they welcome feedback from their customers so that they can better their services.

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