Hadoop Training.

Hadoop- The Gateway of Analytics

Hadoop is a product of the Apache software, it is the new kid in the block as it was introduced in the early months of 2017. It is an open source software network which is used primarily for distributed storage and processing of big data. With big data explosion newer and more stable software’s are being launched to combat the various technical issues that arise due to the handling of this vast amounts of data. Thus, Hadoop was designed with a fundamental assumption that hardware failures are common occurrences and should automatically be handled by the framework.

The Hadoop framework is highly advanced and is composed of four modules breaking the traditional stereotypes:

  • Hadoop common
  • Hadoop Distributed File System(HDFS)
  • Hadoop YARN
  • Hadoop MapReduce

Hadoop is now being used not only to refer to the software and its modules but the entire environment consisting of various other Apache products which can be added to the existing program, like, Apache Pig, Apache Hive. Apache Flume and several others. As it is written in Java programming language, it is more user friendly.

Since it is the hottest new trend to hit the market, it would be a rather intelligent move if you signed up for a Hadoop Training programme. Hadoop is here to stay with the influx of big data, which will only be in the rise in the coming decades. To learn Hadoop you don’t need any prerequisite degrees or certification but if you have a prior understanding of even basic Java programming language, then there will be ease of understanding.

There are several institutes which offer Hadoop Training. Choose one that helps you in understanding the various Hadoop modules and their interfaces and how best to manoeuvre.  It is important to opt for a course that is self paced and gives you industry exposure either in form of internships or by providing interactions with industry leaders in Apache Hadoop.

Hadoop in a very short time has garnered immense popularity with multinational giants like Amazon, Alibaba, Linkeldn, facebook, eBay and a plethora of other companies. So , if you have a Hadoop training there will be no dearth of jobs.

Data scientists are increasingly becoming dependent on Hadoop as it provides them with the ability:

  • To do full data sets exploration
  • To mine larger data sets than traditional softwares.
  • To help in large scale raw data processing
  • Data agility

Hadoop training seems like the way to go if you want to make a foray into this evolving sector where the basic salary structure starts at a whooping 6-8 lakhs per annum more than an average techie would earn in his/her firsy year.

Hadoop is here to stay and grow, so don’t waste time join a Hadoop training and provide that leverage to your career that will take you ahead of your peers.


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