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Here Are Some Astounding Facts About Indian Railways!

The heritage of Indian Railways is around 150 years old. And it has definitely seen many ups and downs to be in the state in which we find it today. It is the cornerstone of the travel industry in India and thousands and thousands of people travel everyday by trains run by Indian railways. Even if you call it the lifeline of the nation, it wouldn’t be too wrong. And because it has been extremely successful ever since its launch, it has been steadily contributing towards the economic development of the country.

Below, you find some of the most amazing and fascinating facts about Indian railways that make this rail network one of the biggest in the entire Asian continent-

  • On the 16th of April, 1853, the first passenger train ran from Mumbai to Thane. It was a proud moment for the entire country as it ushered in an era of travel convenience for the denizens of the country.
  • Rail tunnels are pretty interesting. And anyone who has traveled in a train before knows how amazing it feels to be in a train when it passes through a pitch dark tunnel. Did you know the name of the first rail tunnel in India is Parsik tunnel? Yes, it’s a long tunnel which is about 1.3 km long.
  • Equally fun and exciting are underground rail systems. And it was in Kolkata where this rail system started for the first time.
  • Who doesn’t know about or hasn’t used the computerized ticket reservation system that is in place today for Indian railways. But not many probably know that the first computerized reservation system stated in the year 1986 in New Delhi.
  • In 1925, on the 3rd of February, the first electric train travelled between Kurla and MumbaiVT.
  • One of the largest employers in India with about 1.55 million people working with it is Indian railways.
  • The national rail museum was set in 1977.
  • The first railway bridge to have been built was Dapoorie Viaduct.
  • 3 million tons of freight and around 13 million passengers are carried by Indian railways everyday, on an average.
  • If we talk about the length of the names of stations, Orissa is the shortest and Sri Venkatanarasimharajuvariapeta which is in Tamil Nadu, is the longest.
  • The Himsagar Express that joins Kanya Kumari in south with Jammu Tavi in north covers the longest train journey. While the journey takes somewhere around 66 hours, the total distance covered is a whopping 4751 kms.
  • Gorakhpur railway station in Uttar Pradesh is the longest in the world with a length of 1,366.33 m (4,483 ft).
  • Karbude located on Konkan Railways happens to be the longest tunnel having a length of 6.5 kms.
  • The Bhopal Shatabdi Express is the fastest train in India that runs at the speed of 140 km/h.
  • The Nehru Setu built on Sone River has a length of 10044 ft, and is the longest railway bridge in India.
  • All the three gauges are found in only one station i.e. Siliguri Railway Station.

The Indian Railway system is amazing with all possible provisions for passengers including Delivery of Food in Trains. If you haven’t travelled in a train before, you must try it once. It is indeed a pleasurable and rewarding experience!

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