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With Live Streaming You Can Make your Corporate Sports Event Big

Getting your company’s sports event aired by the traditional media is downright hectic. You must pay large fees, you must stick to the media house’s schedule, and even worse your viewership will be limited to people in front of a television set. Live streaming is changing all this. All anyone requires following your live video broadcast is their mobile phone and an internet connection. They will have the freedom to watch the event while on the move, talk about it, and share it with friends. You must agree that such a combination of factors will certainly make your corporate’s sports event a big success.

Live streaming platforms at your disposal

In recent years, thousands of live streaming platforms have come up. Four of these are the most popular and are the once I am going to highlight. The first platform is YouTube’s live video broadcasting platform. To use it you will have to create an account with them. After verifying the account, they will direct you on how to set up a video encoder. You will then be ready to live stream.

Periscope is the other live video broadcasting platform whose elegance and simplicity will ensure the section of your audience be enthusiastic about social media, should not be left out.

The two social media giants, Twitter and Facebook, also have live streaming features. The advantage of live streaming your event through this platform is that they are posted on your company’s Facebook and Twitter page, hence reach the target audience that already loves your institution and its products. Additionally, you get to communicate real time with those watching. This helps create more hype around the event. The only disadvantage is that you will have to film and stream your sports events using a mobile device. This can compromise the quality of the video.

This list of platforms is in no way conclusive. Other decent live stream platforms include; Google Hangouts on Air,, and

One solution for everything

For your sporting event to be big news, it must be everywhere. You cannot risk segregating aaudience by not live streaming on a particular platform. Here is where Freedocast comes in handy. It is a tool that enables you to easily live stream to multiple platforms. All you need is to connect your video source to freedocast and they will redirect it to other platforms. These platforms include Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and Periscope.

The advantages of using this platform are immense. It supports high-quality HD videos hence your audience gets quality content. This increases engagement and the much-desired enthusiasm for the sports day. Additionally, irrespective of the plan you choose, you get sufficient bandwidth and storage; no interruptions, no buffering.

Three plans exist for providing the consumer the flexibility of choosing one according to their essentiality. The king of it all, the exclusive package called enterprise serves each one ofan organizational based requirement. In the enterprise, you get to choose how your package is setup from the top down with all the existing amenities.

Don’t get left behind, by using live streaming, your next sports day will create a big buzz in town.

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