Need For Upgrading Oracle Database

Need For Upgrading Oracle Database

Many organizations think that database act as the backend for their applications. Hence they also conclude that upgrading the database not only cost them money but their time as well. And the truth is beyond this. The database update is required for various reasons.

List Of Situations When Database Must Be Upgraded

  • When the bugs in the current Oracle database version leads to the outage, you must consider updating the database.
  • Performance of the business improves on upgrading the database to the new
  • When current database version’s support comes to an end, it must be updated,
  • When the application provider pushes for updating the database, you must go for the upgrade.
  • To make use of the new features available only in the latest version.
  • To implement new solutions and when the old version lacks that, then there is demand for an upgrade.
  • By upgrading to latest version of the database, you can protect your emails, login credentials and all transaction from cyber hacks.

The only way to migrate to a higher version of Oracle database is to take help from Oracle Database Consulting Services in New Jersey.

What Is Needed To Upgrade And Migrate Oracle Database?

Once you decide to migrate to the latest version of the database, you must first know that it is not an easy job. You need to make necessary arrangements and achieve a smooth transition.  Also, remember that you must outsource the migration task to professional players for efficient movement.

First get ready for documentation and preparation work.  Next, test the migration on the test and development server. Testing and preparing are both mandatory before migrating to avoid any data loss.

Plan and test the migration process to prevent any permanent outage. Get both database Service Level Agreement (SLA), and end-user SLA signed before starting the migration process.

You must consider the database service timings and database support when outsourcing to vendors. You must ensure emergency Oracle assistance or at least any remote support during the upgrade to handle any critical situation. Stay associated with the best Oracle Database Consulting Services in New Jersey to take care of your database migration process.

Oracle Database Consulting Services

Also, know that expertise is required for database administration.  Remote DBA service and Oracle support are necessary for maintaining all the critical data.

Protecting your data during migration also must be ensured with the vendors. Security must be the top priority because migration is a tough task and care should be given to maintaining the data security. Especially for a remote DBA, this is a challenging task.

Apart from offering security, you must also check for Proactive database administration tasks to make the transition operation as smooth as possible.

Now, you know the need for upgrading the database. Also, you know what needs to be checked with the Oracle database service provider. Check the current requirement in your organization and decide how you would like to upgrade the database. Reach out to right partners to enable a smooth transition. Make use of this post as a checklist to discuss with your vendor to start the Oracle database migration process.

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