Order Taking: A Powerful Business Tool

Order Taking: A Powerful Business Tool

If your business expertise particularly deals in logistics and retails, it is undoubtedly true that your main concern will be to dispatch the orders into the hands of the customers safely. No matter which business you chose, lined up orders are sure-fire and particularly during the peak days like on holidays and festive seasons. Although your agents are busy taking orders, handling customer’s queries, filling and dispatching orders, it takes a lot more to make your business streamlined and managerial. In case you are facing such problem, order taking call centre services is what your business need.

Outsourcing call centres train their staff in taking, managing orders and handling customer’s queries at the same time. Even before agreeing to take orders, outsourcing representatives learn all about your culture and working patterns. By transferring the services to the outsourcing industry, your agents are free to improvise the platforms and incorporate the mediums to facilitate order taking services. With entrepreneurs finding ways to continuously increase the lead funnel and raise the profit margins, order taking is in serious buzz these days. It includes answering questions, sending information, solving doubts and providing an ongoing support.

How order taking facilitates in increasing sales?

After collaborating with an order taking business organisation, you are free to take care of other pending businesses. Answering service takes orders and transfers those orders further to the requirement processing department. Then the orders are passed on to the filling order department and then the delivery department. Therefore, order taking call centre in UK not just take the orders but also take care of the minutest details to successfully accomplish the order. Below are some fine features of how order taking services are contributing to increasing sales:

Scalable sales team:

Hiring a new sales team and training it can be a difficult and time-consuming business. Order taking service providers offer their live agents immediately to handle any such situations. The live agents are available 24/7 for their customers, ready to listen and support them.

Round the clock sales and marketing team:

Even after the working hours, order taking agents are busy taking & orders because grabbing each and every sale lead is an agent’s prime concern. This gives your customers round the clock opportunity to call their agencies whenever needed. Even if you need your answering service to work for short durations or on a contractual basis, there are some organisations that work as per client’s requirements.

Immediate and accurate response:

Building customer’s trust and delivering accurate response is mandatory for the success of any business. Professionally trained order taking agents will work as an inseparable unit with you in order to understand every aspect of your business. It is vital for the agents to understand not only your customers but also what services are you offering. With sufficient knowledge, agents can answer quickly and efficiently to your customers.

On-going support:

An unbeatable way to retain your customers for a longer period of time is to provide them with post-sales support. Live agents are not just hired for increasing and closing the sales once the deal is done. It’s their responsibility to build the customer’s trust with the services and support. With so many new orders and leads to be processed and taken care of, it is difficult to keep assisting the older customers. To maintain the dignity and reputation of your brand name and retain the customers, a warm greeting once in a while is no harm.

High level of engagement:

Creating a positive customer experience is beneficial for your organisation. Speaking with a live person increases the level of user engagement. It is quite normal for customers to raise questions and concerns, therefore, agents take the opportunity to entice customers with their skills and knowledge.


Hope that the aforementioned order taking call centre handling tips may eliminate your doubts and queries. In case you’re looking to hire an order taking service organisation for yourself, remember the key points:

  • Ask questions irrespective if the subject is covered or not. A doubt should be cleared immediately.
  • Avoid unnecessary contracts and bonds.
  • Take demos and free trails.
  • Only pay for the time period your answering agent worked for you.
  • Ask for references.
  • Take your time and then decide.
  • Verify the experience.
  • If feeling secured and intrigued by the services, then only ask to collaborate.

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