Overview of class12 biology syllabus

Overview of class12 biology syllabus

To overcome examination fear, chapter wise division and sub topic division for study plan of biology will be helpful for the students and teachers as well. Here are the books helpful for cracking the board exams.

  • Pradip biology books for class 12
  • Trueman biology book for class 12
  • NCERT biology books for class 12
  • Campbel biology book for class 12

The syllabus focuses on reducing load of curriculum and offers chance to learn better about the respective topics. Here is the overview of syllabus,that is synopsis of topics to be covered for online cbse biology tutorials for class 12.

  • Reproduction
  • Biology and human welfare
  • Genetics and evolution
  • Ecology and environment
  • Biotechnology and applications


This unit covers the following chapters.

  1. Reproduction in organisms

Reproduction which is a characteristic feature of all organisms, types of reproduction, asexual and sexual reproduction ,binary fission, sporulation, budding, fragmentation, gammule formation and vegetative propagation in plants.

  1. sexual reproduction in flowering plants

flower structure, development of male and female gametophytes, types of pollination, agencies and examples, double fertilization, post fertilization events, outbreeding devices, interaction of pollen and pistil, development of endosperm and embryo, development of seed and formation of fruit, special modes of apomixis, parthenocarpy, polyembryony significance of seed dispersal and fruit formation

  1. human reproduction

Male and female reproductive systems, microscopic anatomy of testis and ovary, gametogenesis,spermatogenesis and oogenesis,menstrual cycle , fertilization, embryo development upto  blastocyst formation implantation, pregnancy and placenta formation and partutrition( elementary ideas of lasttwo topics respectively).

  1. Reproductive health

Need for reproductive health and prevention of sexually transmitted diseases, birth control need and methods, contraception and medical termination of pregnancy , amniocentesis, infertility and assisted reproductive technologies  IVF, ZIFT, GIFT (elementary idea).

Biotechnology and applications

The following topics are covered in this unit.

  1. Biotechnology principles and process with general introduction to genetic engineering
  2. Applications of biotechnology in health and agriculture, human insulin and vaccine production, stem cell technology, gene therapy, genetically modified organisms, bt crops, transgenic animals, bt piracy and patents

Genetics and evolution

Let us have an overview about the topics related

Principles of inheritance and variation

Heredity and variation, blood groups, haemophilia, colour blindness etc, chromosomal disorders in humans etc, chromosomes and genes, sex determination in human beings and birds, turners and klinfletrers syndrome

Topics about molecular biology and inheritance


Biology and human welfare

This unit covers chapters about human diseases, basic concepts of immunology and prevention of HIV, alcohol and drug abuse, strategies for enhancement of food production and microbes useful in human welfare.

Ecology and environment

The unit ecology and environment gives brief discussions about ecology, ecosystems, bio diversity and environmental issues like pollution, conservation of energy and energy resources etc.

The class 12 biology tuition classes may cover the same topics but contents of sub topics may vary. NCERT books will be helpful to cover topics with more clear view for aspirants of other competitive exams across the country.

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