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Rugs for the home: Know the best types

The home is indeed the place where the family resides and takes shelter. Hence, it needs to be cozy, beautiful and comfortable. In short, the home is to be decorated in such a way that it will appear to be pleasing to all eyes. Decoration can be started externally to ensure that the onlookers to praise its external beauty and to make them wonder how the decoration appears from the inside.

Using floor rugs

There are several things that people tend to neglect when decorating the home. One such item that might be missed out is the rug. There are readily available different types of rugs that can be used in the home to enhance its overall beauty and looks. Rugs online shopping at the leading sites do offer wide range of collection to choose from. The top three which can be used at the flooring of the home are as follows:

  • Textile rugs: Such rugs are commonly known as carpets and make use of textile fabric along with hard backing material. They can be found in varieties of exciting colors. Many prefer to install them on the floors to add insulation during cold winter days. However, cleaning can be difficult. Frequent dirt prevention and vacuuming will be necessary to maintain the new look and feel of the rug. Few rugs could be sold in plain color as well as in colorful designs that resembles to earlier Persian art.
  • Wool rugs: It is created from sheep wool. Farm sheep is shaved off every summer to create wool rugs, which is then cleaned and processed to weave the rug. It is quite popular among the Mediterranean cultures since people are able to express their artistry using such types of rugs. It is possible to come across carpets and rugs online at the top sites and it is easy to get budgeted and premium options. The wool rugs price will depend upon its size and type of wool used. They are not known to burn easily. In few cases, the rugs can also be used in the form of fire extinguisher.
  • Animal skin rugs: It is quite popular among people belonging to the high society and is quite expensive. This is because, the respective governments have regulated this product’s production, export and import. They also vary in sizes and shapes and depend mostly upon the animal type that is used for its creation. Some of the animal skins which are used for designing rugs are bears, deer, tiger, lion, zebra, and other animal types that have good fur and skin on them. These rugs are not new and are being used for ages to insulate the cold floors of the home. Since many animals are becoming endangered species, the governments have passed on regulations, prohibiting strictly its killing. Hence, animal rugs are not much sold. But some are being created synthetically to look alike like animal rugs and are much affordable and durable.

Selecting the right type of rug is sure to enhance the beauty of the home and make the onlookers to praise the owner for his creativity and taste.

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