5 Factors That May Lead Home Sellers to Fire Their Agents

Sellers Giving the Boot: 5 Factors That May Lead Home Sellers to Fire Their Agents

Relationships often end because it just can’t be worked out, and this is especially true when it comes to the home-seller-and-real-estate-agent relationship. It’s not rare that sellers fire their agents, often based on a lot of factors, some of them good or bad.

It can be that expectations of the seller are not met by the agent or perhaps due to pressures the agent do unrealistic marketing that give headaches to the seller. Thus, if you’re a real estate agent, you need to know what are the various factors that may lead home sellers to fire real estate agents like yourself. Here’s a list of reasons why.

The Property Isn’t Selling Quick

It’s understandable that a lot of home sellers want to get their home sold fast enough so that they can invest on and profit off another property. This impatience on the part of the home sellers to get their house sold is what sometimes lead them to sack their agents, especially if the house is a long time without a buyer.

One of the top reasons why the house is not selling within the desired time frame the seller wants is unrealistic pricing. Real estate experts will tell you that a significant part of the marketing comes from the reasonable pricing of the property. If you put on an unrealistic price, there’s a high chance that you won’t sell the property.

Agents sometimes talk the seller into giving an unreasonable price for the property, or it can be that the seller wants to get a higher profit off the property. But, if you’re a good real estate agent, you won’t let this scenario happen. You should do your part to encourage the seller to give a price that reflects the pricing trend of similar properties in the market.

Poor Negotiation Skills

Negotiation is an essential part of selling real estate properties. Real estate agents need to have the right negotiation skill set so that their clients won’t end up on the disadvantageous end of the deal.

Excellent negotiation on the part of the agent should not go beyond both the passive and aggressive manner. The agent should possess the ability to seal the deal where both parties feel like they’re getting what they want from the sale. So, if the going gets tough at the negotiation table, a seller can exercise his right to fire the real estate agent.

Lack of Communication

Lack of communication is one of the biggest culprits why the supposed-to-be professional relationship between a home seller and a real estate agent ends. As a real estate agent, there’s a lot of channels that you can choose to communicate to your client.

An agent who knows business knows how to keep on top of his priorities the line of communication between him and his client. So, if you want to be a good real estate agent, you should make your client feel that he’s not getting left behind with regards to the update of the home sale.

Lack of Professionalism

The top reason why home sellers hire real estate agents is to help them get the advantageous business deal from their investment. Thus, it’s not surprising that they would expect professionalism from their agents.

Excellent grooming, punctuality, great negotiation skills, and respect for the business arrangement are just a few of the things that a good agent possessed. Although there are no hard-and-fast rules when it comes to the standard of professionalism, these things are fairly universal not only in real estate business but also to other types of business.

Poor Marketing

The ideal real estate agent should know how to market the property through different platforms such as social media, radio, MLS, fliers, street signs, and what-not. He should see to it that a lot of prospective buyers should get the word that there’s an excellent property for sale.

Don’t be like other real estate agents who simply “post and pray.” Don’t just get satisfied marketing on a single channel. Otherwise, your client will surely give you the boot. You can get advice from experts at Rose & Jones how to manage the marketing aspect of your property sale for that purpose.


When the time and situation is right, there are a lot of reasons why home sellers fire their real estate agents. Thus, if you want to become a good agent, you should know what the ways that you can do and avoid in providing your client an excellent service are. You can take some wisdom from the list of factors why sellers fire their agents above to make your job well done.


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