Chicken Pakora

Sink in Pakoras for a Delightful Experience

Snacks not just make your life spicy and interesting but these fill you with excitement and freshness. Have you ever noticed how much type of snacks you have tasted in your life so far? Of course, there are many people who have preferences in snacks and they always eat the same snacks. But you know what; you should try out new types of snacks too. For example, if you eat pakoras, make sure you have tried out new types of pakoras too. What is the point if you have always eaten potato pakoras only?

Talking about Pakoras, these are usually prepared by taking one or two ingredientslike eggplant, spinach, potato, plantain, cauliflower, paneer, tomato, chilli pepper and so on. Theseare also occasionally made up with bread, groundnut, buckwheat, fish, or chicken. These are dipped in a batter prepared from gram flour and then deep-fried. Whatever be the scenario, these pakoras are mostly heart stealers.

Chicken pakora

Have you ever tried out pakora having chicken filled in it? This dish is really bouncy, delicious and fulfilling. There are many restaurants that have different types of pakoras having chickens stored for the customers. People even prepare this type of pakora at home too. It is a crunchy and satisfying Indian starter that is ideal when served with different types of sauces. These pakoras taste fantastic at all times. Whether you eat them in the evening with tea or you munch on them in a party; you would find a distinct deliciousness in them.

Soybean Pakora

This soybean pakoras is absolutely light and delicious snack option. You can eat it with different types of sauces and can even sip a cup of tea along. These pakoras can be found peaking from the kitchens. Whether on a rainy day or a tough evening; a plate of soybean pakora can shake off all your tiredness and exhaustion.

Onion pakoras

Talking about onion pakoras that are something you might have eaten many a times in your life right? These pakoras can be found winning the hearts in parties or dining tables. Onion pakoras are generally served with a few fried salted green chillies and sweet chutney or a green chatni. Onion pakoras are mostly crispy and tangy. Of course, people do add chillies too in these pakoras as per their taste.

Paneer pakoras

These scrumptious paneer pakoras are crisp from outside and absolutely soft from inside. Paneerpakoda is a famous pakora variety. You can find spicy, crispy, delicious and flavourful paneerpakoda that any one will love with tomato or green chutney. These paneer pakoras are absolutely rich in their existence. These have the softness of butter and crispiness wrapped around. If you are thinking that these would leave you starving then you are mistaken. Cheese pakoras are absolutely fulfilling and can give you a complete experience.

Thus, there are plenty of other types of pakoras too that are taking the driving seats in the food menus of people. There are mixed veg pakoras, chilli pakoras, brinjal pakora, cabbage pakora and many other types of pakoras available to flatter you.


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