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The most popular 5 Places in Ahmedabad

Ahmedabad is pride of Gujarat, and it is a city where the architectural marvels, magnificent history and tasty food of India gets blend. The city has deep rooted link with the country and it is a land of Mahatma Gandhi too.

You must visit Ahmedabad once in your life time. This city will unfold many things about the nation.  You can easily get rooms in the resorts near Ahmedabad for your stay. Before you leave for this city, excite yourself with the most popular 5 Places in Ahmedabad!

Sabarmati Ashram

Sabarmati Ashram is one of the most esteemed tourist places to visit in Ahmedabad. It is the place that has huge historical importance.  It is also popular as Gandhi Ashram.  The spot Fascinates tourists mainly the history buffs from diverse Areas of country and entire world.  Various prominent activities like freedom movement took place at this ashram. There is also a museum here that acquaints the visitors with so many things of Gandhi Ji.

Kankaria Lake

Kankaria Lake is a famous tourist attraction of Ahmedabad. It is an ideal picnic spot where folks can enjoy some outstanding time with their friends and family.  It is the largest lake of Ahmedabad and it is a full entertaining area where the visitors can relish different activities like balloon ride, zoo, water rides and much more. The tasty food stalls and kid’scentre make the place ideal for family’s outings.

Jumma Masjid

It is one of the most sophisticated architectural specimens in Ahmedabad. The mosque was built by Sultan Ahmed Shah in year 1423. It was formed to provide Muslim followers with a spot to congregate for Friday prayers.  There is a notion that this yellow sandstone masjid was built using bits from wrecked Hindu and Jain shrines.  The mosque encompasses two hundred sixty pillars that are covered with strange carvings and its interior is well-lit with natural lights that filter through latticework screens.


Akshardham-Temple is in Gandhinagar that is situated around twenty five kilometres from Ahmedabad. It is dedicated to Swaminarayan and it is the supreme example of present day style and architecture. The Akshardham has been believed to be a spot of education, enlightenment and entertainment too. More than two million folks are measured to visit the temple every year.  The most fascinating attractions of this temple are its ten story tall golden idol of Swaminarayan and whole artistic look. The temple is a blend of tranquillity, spirituality, cheeriness and panache.

Sardar Patel National Museum

This museum was built in year 1978 by ShriBabubhaiJasbhai Patel. The museum showcases remarkable pieces and the valued belongings of SardarVallabhbhai Patel. The museum also has multimedia halls that transport diverse aspects of life of Sardar in the spotlight.  An amazing thing about this museum is that it has information in 3 languages namely Hindi, Gujarati and English. It is to ensure that everybody who visits here can understand everything. The premium attraction of this museum is 3D light and lasers show.

Thus, these were just five top most tourist destinations of Ahmedabad.  Look for budget hotels in Ahmedabad and carry out a comprehensive trip in this city. There are many more spots too for you!

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