3 star hotels in Bhopal city

The stunning architecture of monuments is overwhelming in Bhopal

Are you tired of your hectic day today life? Don’t you feel like relaxing?  If you have just made a plan to go for a holiday then why not check out Bhopal this time? Indeed, when you explore the artistic richness, beautiful lakes and various other tourist spots in this city; you will end up with pleasure and tranquillity.

You can easily get rooms in luxury hotels Bhopal for your stay and this way; carry out a relaxed and beautiful trip in Bhopal. You know the stunning architecture of monuments is overwhelming in Bhopal. So, why not have a quick glimpse of it?

Moti Masjid

Moti Masjid is known as Pearl Mosque. It is so because of its shining white marbled floor. The mosque was raised in year eighteen sixty under rule of Sikander Jehan Begum who was one of the unconventional females in history of Bhopal.  This outstanding mosque stands as a testimony of her implausible efforts in the celebrated pages of history of Bhopal.  This Moti Masjid is a 19th century ancient masjid and it  stands tall in creative brick red colour mingled with  white marbled edifice that is capped by two tiny cupolas. The mosque is glorious both spirituality and artistically.

Lakshmi Narayan Temple

Lakshmi Narayan temple is also known as Birla Mandir. It is one of the eighteen temples established across nation by well-known Birla family. The Birla Mandir at Bhopal is embroidered with yellowish airs and is located at top of Arera Hills. It provides a beautiful site of enclosed zones and lakes.  The wide spread lawns scattered along with elegant fountains and beds of mixed flowers enclose this splendid temple in a gorgeous way.

 Gohar Mahal

It is apparent that people who visit Bhopal explore its stunning lakes, its national park and beautiful natural landscapes but when talking about artistic monuments, they fail to experience because of their ignorance.  Well, if you are visiting Bhopal, don’t miss Gohar Mehal. It is called Gohar Begum and is   a massive mansion of historic significance situated on banks of Upper Lake.  The mahal is one of main example of archaeological excellence of past! The charm of its architecture is such that people can get inspiration from it.

So, pick your rooms in 3 star hotels in Bhopal city and explore the beautiful monuments of this city today! You can surely experience historic, artistic, cultural and contemporary richness in these monuments.


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