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The top 4 waterfalls in and Around Mussoorie

When talking about the Queen of Hills: Mussoorie; it won’t be right to say this is just a hill station. Well, Mussoorie is not just a hill station but has emerged as a popular picnic spot too. Vacationers and shutterbugs visit this hill station from different corners of the world.

From walks to sightseeing; trekking to hiking; picnics to exploring; everything can be enjoyed on the land of this hill station. Even the best hotels in Mussoorie are dipped in the natural environs. Talking about waterfalls, they are in plenty when it comes to Mussoorie. Just have a look at the top 4 waterfalls in and around Mussoorie and your excitement will get double for your upcoming Mussoorie holiday!

  1. Kempty Falls

Kempty Falls is covered with charming mountain ranges and it is one of the most eminent tourist points in Mussoorie. It is situated at one thousand three hundred sixty four m and caters the tourists and vacationers so much of   fascination and delight.  At this spot, amidst so much of natural landscapes, picturesque sites and pulsing sounds of water falls, you can experience a blissful experience. The good thing is that no matter you is a child, youngster or an old man; this place is vibrant for everyone. After all, everybody loves to experience peace, natural beauty and refreshing aura.

  1. Bhatta Falls

At a distance of seven kilometres from Mussoorie, Bhatta falls is a wonderful place for your rejuvenation. Icing on the cake is that this spot is extremely camera friendly. So, if you are a shutterbug, this spot is going to get you plenty of your favourite shots. The mesmeric backdrop, amazing surroundings and harmonious sounds of water falls make this place worth visiting. You can even jump into the refreshing water here! Actually, you know what, you can do perfect picture capturing here. So, make sure that you make the most of the outstanding backdrop of this waterfall. After all, these are the moments that will remind you of your refreshing Mussoorie trip down the lane.

  1. Jharipani Falls:

This spot is situated near to Mussoorie and possesses fine sites and enticing aura.  The trekkers admire the zone that is strewn around these waterfalls. It is because the entire area has spectacular scenery. You can enjoy family and friends picnic here. The place will fill you with rejuvenation and merriment.  So, while you are at this spot, don’t forget to explore its engaging surroundings too.

  1. Mossy Falls

Mossy Falls is horse tail cascade snuggled in Randolph. The water wall drives its name from mossy development covering it in luxurious green shades. The spot is at a distance of seven kilometres from Mussoorie. It might be a smaller waterfall, but its charm is surpassing. The landscapes, sites, ambience, rhythmic sound of water and tranquillity will make you a fan of this spot.

So, these were four of the most outstanding waterfalls of Mussoorie. Just do Mussoorie hotel booking online and go for a holiday in this hill station.


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