Top free apps for the news

The news is one of the ways to keep up with the latest developments in the country and the world. The Indians have been blocked by the news of time immemorial. It is this news madness that has given rise to the existence of a series of channels that provide news today. World news today is not limited to the traditional media of newspapers, but is available today in one of the most popular channels, which is the smartphone. There are a number of free applications for news in India that provide access to news at your fingertips.

Business Insider

If you’ve been looking for news in short that keeps you up to date with developments in the business world, you’ll definitely have this app on your iOS or Android phone. With advanced features such as the ability to share articles together with providing offline viewing and reading, it helps you to know all the business events.

First comment

Customizing the topics for which you want to read the news is a possibility with this First Post application. With the help of this application, you do not have to look at corporate or sports news if you are not an avid sports enthusiast or sports enthusiast.

ABP Live

This news apps hindi helps you to receive news from some of the most popular media channels such as ABP Majha, ABP Ananda and ABP News. From news channel names, you will have guessed that this application offers news in several languages ​​of India, namely, Punjabi, Marathi, Bengali, Hindi and English. This application is a sample in terms of providing news from different channels.


The ability to set position preference is one of the features of this CNN application that makes this application preferred in several news readers. CNN is known to provide original news on the Indian TV circuit. Their application was named as the best application of the year 2014.

IBN Live

This application has been one of the popular applications for iPad users. In addition, this app has received many awards from smartphone users. The availability of news in English and Hindi is one of the highlights of this application.

This application also offers the possibility of live streaming of IBN network channels such as CNN-IBN in English, IBN7 in Hindi and IBN Lokmat in Marathi. Using this application, you can exchange your favourite news with your timeline followers along with sharing on your Facebook account wall.


This is one of the best news applications available on platforms such as Windows Phone, Android and iOS. Since NDTV is one of the oldest news channels in India, then the news of this application is reliable. This application is also popular among readers as it not only provides news but also helps broadcasting NDTV Media TV channels.


As a regular news observer in India, you’ve definitely heard about the news channel called “Aajtak”. Therefore, the new application of this news channel is very popular and offers Hindi news.

News enthusiasts wishing to receive news in Hindi are a great fan of this application, as it offers news on different verticals such as Bollywood, business, sports, technology news, local news, international news, etc. Additionally, this application also offers the ability to set bookmarks in terms of news

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