Types of Pizzas One Should Taste

There are hardly any people who do not love to eat pizza. The origin of pizza is in the country of Italy but at present it has become a famous food worldwide. In many places one can see the influence if Italian recipe of making pizza but at present there are many places which also follows the American recipe as well. No matter what pattern of recipe is followed but a slice of pizza always brings a slice of smile on someone’s face.

One can have both vegetarian and non vegetarian varieties of pizzas and they can use a lot of ingredients in making them. When it comes to meat, one can use, chicken, pork or ground for pizza.

Here are some world famous and styled pizzas which one would definitely love to try.

New York style Pizza

This one is special because it has a very thin crust and the pizza slices are very wide. This is mainly made for the workers who can grab a slice anytime when they care hungry and sort out their stomach demands before going back to work again. The recipe that they follow here is said to be very close to the Italian styled pizzas and the crust is mainly hand tossed. In this pizza the crust is covered with layers of sauce, toppings and mozzarella cheese.

Neapolitan Pizza

On the other hand, this style is completely different from the New York style. This one is to be eaten in leisure with proper fork and knife. As the name suggests, the recipe has its origin in Naples of Italy and it also has a very thin crust which is baked at a very high temperature. The most conventional way of baking it is in a wood fire oven and the side of the crust puffs and rises up. But you should not bake it for too long because then you can end up by charring up the pizza ends. The toppings that are used here are slices of mozzarella cheese, tomatoes and fresh basil leaves.

Sicilian Pizza

Just the name indicates this one arrives from the city of Sicily in Italy. This one is a traditional thick crust pizza which mostly comes in a square shape rather than being round. This is a true version of Italian pizza which has toppings like herbs, onions, anchovies and a number of Italian cheeses. When the same is made in America, they give a lot of mozzarella cheese and sauce on top of it.

Chicago style Pizza

This is also known as the ‘deep dish pizza’ and the recipe which is followed is also a bit disputed. This one is a very unique styled pizza and it also has a very thick crust. Mostly this one is bakes in a round pan which is a cake pan. The toppings that are used are a layer if cheese, a layer of meat or vegetables and then a hefty amount of sauce.

One can also go for burger pizza as this variety is also widely available.

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