Ways to plan your baby’s first birthday

In whatever pleasant manner your may plan, either it is an all-out bash or intimate assembly of friends and family members, it is important that you celebrate your child’s first birthday party with utmost zeal. It should be a very special one for you and your loved ones and friends. It is not a rule but the first birthday party is only for parents and intimate friends or guests. The child cannot even remember this birthday party, yet it does not mean that you cannot have fun.

Enjoy this party with extreme enthusiasm and organize an astonishing party to celebrate the first significant milestone of your child. It is very hectic to plan a birthday party. But pre-hand planning and preparations can make your party a well-organized one. To make party smooth and salty, keep your child and young visitors comfortable and read below-given tips. It is necessary to choose the flavor of the cake judiciously and send gifts to Pakistan to your loved ones and friends so that they can share your happiness.

  • Watch time

Babies have got a very short attention span and run out of energy in a short period. Bearing in mind this factor, it is important to plan your party for a small duration of time says one and a half hour. Take pre and post-nap time of baby into consideration before you set the time for birthday party.

  • VIPS

 Better to make your guest list short in order to avoid exhausting and overwhelming your baby. Better to avoid useless expenditure.

  • Request for help

 To keep yourself cares free to hire a babysitter. Or you can request any member of your family to help you share the workload. In this way, you can enjoy your baby’s big day without any stress.

  • Check the Menu

Unnecessarily do not complicate the menu. Keep it simple.  You can do with some graham crackers, few snacks and sliced fruits, cookies, and sweets.

  • Thematic approach

Party themes are not much important for a toddler’s party. Colour coordinated look can also do. Or you may pick matching napkins, plates with any cartoon character that you think suits the occasion. This occasion is more of photos or video recording than for the baby at this stage.

  • Get a cake

 You cannot imagine a party without a cake because the cake is the main attraction of all parties. Any party is incomplete without a cake. You can order big cakes, and gift send to Pakistan so that to cheer up your baby’s birthday. You can get the customized cake done that matches the theme of the party.

  • Play place for kids

Make a corner or some suitable place baby proof play zone for kids. To make it an interesting place have some fitting toys for charming little guests. For the parents arrange some seating so that they can sit there and watch their children play.

  • Balloons for babies

Babies love balloons very much. You better order for a better quality of balloon in place of latex balloons in order to avoid any choking incident.


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