What’s the best time to buy tires in Dubai?

Deals, sales and discount packages on tires nowadays are as common as for any other consumer product. Most of the savvy drivers and road enthusiasts prefer buying new tyres in Dubai before the start of New Year so as to give themselves and their vehicle a new and unforgettable road experience.

October, November or any other month of the year, there’re times when you need a new tire pair due to unexpected situations such as imminent burst or damage to the wheel. Here’s what you should know about when and how to invest in tyres!

When tire replacement is necessary

Tires need replacement before the tread rate falls below 2/32-inch however, it’s better to change them sooner before they break in between the road, hampers driving or before the tread expires completely.

Tires in Dubai as well as at other places have a code stamped on the sidewall through which you can interpret the age. Just because tire sale is expected in near future, it doesn’t mean driving on unsafe and shabby wheels. Remember, safety is more important that saving a few bucks!

If you aren’t able to purchase during sales or package deals, better look out for tire rebates that goes round the year.

The best ways to find tire deals

  • Buy tires online

With online tire deals, you’ll have a bigger selection to choose from and you might just be able to take advantage of last minute deals with huge discounts. But of course, it’ll drive you away from local tire shops and garages. While this isn’t a big deal if you drive a minivan or a truck, it may pose certain challenges for those owning smaller sports car.

  • Don’t throwaway receipt & warranty paperwork

If your tires facing premature wear out or any other defect, the manufacturer’s likely to pro-rate the next set you’ll buy. However, you’ll always require critical paperwork to file a complaint if necessary. Some of the tire companies offer additional coverage with every purchase of tires in Dubai. These companies would repair the flats and rotate your tyres free of cost. Although initial cost of tires is high, it does helps in saving additional costs later.

  • Buy used pair

It’s obvious that used tires are cheaper and there’s a good reason for such a price cut. If you end up buying a set of used tires, you’ll soon find out why someone got rid of them such as they aren’t round, release a lot of noise or any other defect. Selling expired tires is illegal however, it happens all over the world even in highly advanced countries. So, if you decided going down this route, check the dates as well as recalls.

  • Take care of the tires

Always keep the tires in Dubai properly inflated and rotated so that they don’t wear out before time and do lookout for uneven wear. It may be a symptom of alignment issue that requires immediate fixing else you may face a terrible accident on the road.


The above facts would help you buy tires at the right time so that you may continue riding safely.

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