Abnormal pap and pregnancy

Why Opt For Pap Smear Test During Pregnancy

Pregnancy is a very vital time in every parent’s life. Those 9 months are very critical and vital for a woman’s life. It is very important to take a good care of the mother and the baby as well. There are various prenatal tests that one should go through during the pregnancy. Pap test or a Pap smear test is one of them. It helps to detect the presence of the cancerous cell in the cervix.

Why take this test?

This test is not only for the pregnant women but also for every woman out there. This test detects various sex transmitted diseases. Women who have undergone organ transplantation are chemotherapy or if HIV positive then they should follow the regular Pap smear test. In past few decades, there is a massive increase of cervical cancer in the women of middle age. So it is very necessary for women to start getting a Pap smear test at the age of 21.

The Pap test during pregnancy has given the utmost importance because most of the cervical cancer was found to occur during pregnancy. Abnormal pap and pregnancy have a correlation. It is very common to have an abnormal pap smear during pregnancy and it is often confused with cancer.

The procedure of Pap Smear Test:

In the Pap smear test, the patient all the omens have to lie down spreading their legs. The doctor will insert otherwise called speculum in the vagina during this test which will help to vagina keep open and reach the cervix area. Then the doctor scraps a few cells from the cervix using a spatula or a brush or a cytobrush which is a combination of a spatula and a brush.

After this process, some women may feel irritation in the area of the cervix and also a bit cramping. Some women may experience vaginal bleeding after the test but if the bleeding continues after the day of test the women should consult the doctor.

Result of pap smear test:

If you have a normal result of a Pap smear test then it is well and good even if you don’t have a normal result it is fine. Housing and abnormal Pap smear test result don’t mean you have cancer it means you have abnormal cervical cells. It is to be understood that condition of abnormal pap during pregnancy common during pregnancy with respect to changing health condition. It actually does not harm the health of the baby until it grown to be full-blown cancer. Is cancerous is found in the cervix area of the women that treatment will be continued after the delivery. During this process 1 or less should be under the treatment.


Pregnancy is a time when a woman should always be in a proper medical care. There are various prenatal tests among which Pap test is very important. Someone with abnormal cervical cells should be monitored closely. Treatment should be done properly and regularly before it gets worse.

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