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A Woman’s guide to understand the right time for carrying out pregnancy test

The fact is modern technology and medical science has made pregnancy testing all the easier these days than what it was couple of years back. Now, it has become possible for the woman to get the results of her pregnancy in her bathroom, thus enjoying full privacy and in just a matter of minutes. There is no more the need to visit a physician to get the results. If done correctly, the home pregnancy test could be 99% accurate. At the same time, such tests are stated to be quite easy to be performed. But still, few women do have questions. The commonly asked question is when should she test for pregnancy? How early is she to conduct the test? What is the right time for testing? What actually are the benefits and demerits of testing early?

What does pregnancy test measure?

It measures hCG (human chorionic gonadotropin) levels present in the woman’s body. It is stated to be a hormone that is produced by placenta as there is implantation of pregnancy. The body is signaled to produce other types of hormones like progesterone and estrogen, necessary for maintaining pregnancy. One can calculate weeks of pregnancy if they are pregnant. To find out if they are pregnant or not, they can use home pregnancy test kits that are found in the market easily. These tests help to measure hCG levels in the woman’s urine. Blood tests conducted measures its level in her blood. It is important to note that this particular hormone does not get produced until there is implantation of pregnancy, which is around 6 to 12 days after ovulation.

Detecting pregnancy

Detecting hCG levels low by about 15 mL/U is possible with sensitive home pregnancy tools. Even results can be obtained early as one to two days before the missed out period. But taking test this early will not be accurate always. It is possible for ovulation to have taken place much later than assumed or pregnancy taken much longer to implant than normal. Hence, chances of false negative results are high with test taken before period is due. Apart from this, miscarriages might take place before even the woman gets know about her pregnancy. Hence, the test might indicate positive result, however, the period might be experienced anyway. Few might find it emotionally devastating. It is to be taken seriously when pregnancy test is to be taken. Such factors make healthcare providers to recommend their clients to wait for few days to about a week after the period is missed.

The pregnancy blood tests are considered to be much more sensitive when compared to home pregnancy tests. They tend to measure blood hormone levels that tend to show up in urine before those. At times, they can be provided early by a week before missed period, offering accurate results. But this will depend upon when the woman ovulates and the time taken for implantation of pregnancy. It is for this reason, most physicians prefer to wait for the initial day after the missed period for administering them. irrespective of the pregnancy type availed, it will be wise to wait until period is due.

Pregnancy record book maintained by the pregnant woman can help her to know how she experienced the beautiful moments of pregnancy after giving birth to her baby.

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